Storage Far more than just a lot of storage space: everything in perfect order

The extensive storage capacities of our terminals in the Port of Duisburg ensure that our customers are supplied with raw materials on schedule and in line with production requirements. In addition to a covered storage area of 45,000 m², we have an open storage area of 15,000 m² as well as halls with tanks (1,000 l) and bulk goods boxes with lots of 100 to 4,000 tons.

If we do not transport the bulk materials directly to our customers immediately after their arrival, they are temporarily stored in our extensive covered halls -- for processing, or until the agreed delivery date. Special bulk goods boxes with different capacities ensure the storage by type of more than 100 types and granulations of different materials -- so that your raw materials not only reach their destination on time, but also in the best condition.

In addition to our own customs department, we also operate an open customs warehouse. Here we are authorized to store imported goods from non-EU countries tax-free and duty unpaid until the delivery date. This allows the customer to choose between duty unpaid forwarding and duty paid sale of the goods. For our customers this means maximum flexibility and cost savings!